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Unicul's Mission

Unicul's daily actions are based on three values to achieve three missions

Unicul's Mission

Communicate your intention To convey the intention of your message to achieve your objectives as your professional partner in foreign language communication
Nurture interpreters and translators To cultivate organic interpreters and translators who can articulate beyond language with language skill, expertise, and communication capability
Create a positive difference To create a positive difference in society by linking Japan to the world

Unicul Values

Unicul's work is based on the following three values at all times.

Ownership As we are fully responsible for the project, we leverage all our knowledge and capabilities to accomplish your objectives.
Teamwork All members involved in the project fully exert their skills and are committed as a team to achieve the best results possible.
Creativity We have the creativity and proactive approach to always think, create, suggest, practice, and innovate for improvement in every situation.

Unicul Actions

We act and practice the three Unicul Values as below.

Unicul's steps in practicing ownership

1 ) Confirmation of objective
Unicul confirms the objective of the requested work and promises to do the best work in achieving that objective. Rather than simply translating language, we communicate the message and achieve your objectives. Unicul's staff puts all effort into achieving the objectives of the commissioned project.
2 ) Maintaining confidentiality
In addition to Unicul's employees, each assigned interpreter/translator signs a nondisclosure agreement. We understand that all information and materials/manuscripts regarding your work are confidential and are to be handled with care for internal use only.
3 ) Speedy service
At Unicul, we quickly offer a proposal or update regarding all matters requested during our business hours on the same day. For urgent requests, we will look into all possibilities and do our best to be of assistance.
4 ) Accountability
Unicul will fully explain the project flow and structure so you understand what we offer. Considering us as part of your team in achieving your goals enables us to provide the best performance possible. This will link to your success in turn.
5 ) Commitment
We consider the requested project as our own, keep all promises such as delivery date agreed to beforehand, and put all effort into achieving the best results possible.

Unicul's steps in executing teamwork

1 ) Picking the best team
From our roster of 2500 interpreters and translators with diverse fields of expertise, we will organize the best team by selecting the right people at the right time for the right project according to your needs and come together to achieve the shared objective.
2 ) Sharing information
Unicul shares information by creating a database of more than 20 years of work. We focus on this so that multiplied knowledge gained through shared information can generate maximum value for the same project or over the passage of time.

Unicul's steps in implementing creativity

1 ) Feedback
We actively ask for your feedback, which is shared quickly not only within Unicul, but also with the assigned interpreter, translator, or other staff so that it can be reflected in our future work with you. We learn from your feedback and apply it. That is the source of Unicul.
2 ) Outside the box
We listen to your needs, consider the best structure, assemble a team, and launch the project. No matter how simple the project, we think and act outside the box.
We learn from every project and leverage that knowledge in future projects.

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