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Media Training

Communication by top executives and corporate officers is currently undergoing great change. Before speaking of technologies and knowledge, organization leaders must be able to explain the values they believe in for managing the organization. As people ultimately responsible for the organization, they must be able to articulate their resolve and conviction in their own words. The objective of Unicul's media training is for our clients to acquire the skills to express this conviction in an appropriate way according to the circumstances so that they gain credibility, rather than simply communicating accurate information as a representative of the company.

With the globalization and diversification of business, communication skills are required to flexibly address the diverse values of stakeholders. In an era where major stakeholders such as employees, stockholders, and customers can easily migrate elsewhere, it's important to take the stakeholder standpoint and have the communication skills to motivate stakeholders.

In our program, students will discover for themselves the message that needs to be delivered in face of the situation and cultivate the ability to express that message through interactive and practical training with instructors.

Media Training Service Details

Training for standard interviews

This training is in preparation of interviews for print media such as newspapers and magazines and broadcast media such as TV and radio.
What kind of message will you convey with what kinds of words? After identifying what kind of preparation is necessary and the key points of questions and answers, a mock interview will be conducted on video, which the instructor will review with you.

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Training for interviews/press conferences in times of crisis

This training is in preparation of a press conference being held due to a crisis, such as an accident or scandal.
What information should you communicate with what words, and with what timing? What should you do when the media deeply pursues the story? Based on a specific envisioned scenario, a mock press conference and/or interview will be conducted on video, which the instructor will review with you.

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Speeches and presentations

This training reviews the basics of what should be remembered when preparing a speech manuscript, as well as the basic skills of speaking in a way that triggers the audience to think or to empathize with the speaker. Skills such as speaking speed and changes of intonation will also be taught according to the student's level of ability.

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  • -Experienced staff such as PR experts or former reporters play the role of reporter for mock interviews and mock press conferences.
  • -Unicul can arrange the necessary equipment such as a video camera.
  • -We arrange for the participation of experts from various fields as needed, such as PR experts, announcers, stylists, and make-up artists.
  • -Training can also be conducted in English.

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