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We offer simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation, and whispering for every business situation, including international conferences, business negotiations, presentations, press conferences, interviews, TV show productions, and events, with highly specialized and experienced interpreters who fit your objectives and needs. We can also suggest and arrange simultaneous interpretation equipment and audio and visual projection equipment according to your venue.
In addition to interpreters, Unicul can also assist you in arranging narrators in any language, bilingual MCs, narrators, attending interpreters, and event receptionists.

Interpretation Service Details

Simultaneous Interpretation

The listener wears a receiver earphone to hear a voice interpreting simultaneously as the speaker speaks.
Interpreters work from a special booth. Because they rotate about every 15 minutes, a minimum of two interpreters are needed for a job of up to three hours. When exceeding three hours, three to four interpreters are required. Simultaneous interpretation requires special equipment, which we can arrange. Please feel free to contact us for information.

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Consecutive Interpretation

The speaker pauses at regular intervals so the interpreter can interpret the part just spoken. This is repeated throughout the speech. The interpreter requires the same amount of time as the speaker, so this means that if the speaker's speech is 30 minutes long, the interpretation would also be 30 minutes. One interpreter would be able to handle up to three hours; if the speech is longer than that, two to three interpreters would be required.

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Interpreting is conducted quietly for one or two people, as if whispering into their ears. This interpretation is for the benefit of understanding what is going on, such as at a meeting. If the person wishes to speak, the interpreter switches to consecutive interpretation.

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Interpreting Equipment

Simultaneous interpretation requires special equipment. We also recommend that microphones and a simple interpreting system be used for consecutive interpreting in business negotiations and company meetings when there are more than 10-15 participants. We can suggest the best system to suit your needs based on the size of the room, number of participants, and number of people requiring interpretation.

  • photo:Simultaneous Interpreter Booth
    Simultaneous Interpreter Booth
  • photo:Simultaneous Interpreting Transmitter
    Simultaneous Interpreting Transmitter
  • photo:Simultaneous Interpreting Receiver
    Simultaneous Interpreting Receiver
  • photo:Microphone System
    Microphone System

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