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Unicul International places the right people at the right time in the right project.

We provide high quality communication services drawing on the expertise of over 2500 registered language professionals.
We choose the most suitable personnel for each project to fulfill your diverse needs.

Language + Field of Specialty

Our 2500 members are bilingual or multilingual professionals with specialty fields and skills. Specialty fields are diverse; business, public relations, IR/CSR, IT, finance, advertising/marketing, environment, medical, legal, music, fashion, sports, and more.

Global Network

We handle 70 different languages, including rare ones.
Our members reside throughout Japan and in many locations abroad. This allows us to leverage information that could only be obtained locally, as well as to proceed with projects efficiently by taking advantage of time differences around the world.



We offer simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation, and whispering for every business situation, including international conferences, business negotiations, presentations, press conferences, interviews, TV show production and events, with highly specialized and experienced interpreters who fit your objectives and needs. We can also suggest and arrange simultaneous interpretation equipment, and audio and visual projection equipment according to your venue.

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From everyday e-mails to reports, presentation materials, booklets, books, and websites, we offer translations that are quality-checked by native speakers of the target language. We also provide top-level brushing up by professional copywriters upon request. Unicul's translations accurately and powerfully convey your message to your target audience.

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Media Training

photo:Media Training

We train company owners and executives of global companies to build up communication skills through experience for dialogue with the media, consumers, and shareholders in situations such as press conferences, TV appearances, newspaper/magazine interviews, and shareholders' meetings. We conduct training not only for regular interviews and emergency press conferences, but also for IR and internal/customer-target events.

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Bilingual Personnel Dispatch

photo:Bilingual Personnel Dispatch and Referral

If you are looking for bilingual staff who not only have language skills, but also excellent communication abilities, an understanding of your business, and a conscientious work ethic, come to Unicul. We can refer a capable woman manager or upbeat and quick-learning employee who could be a candidate for an executive or managerial position. We can also dispatch or refer personnel such as in-house interpreters/translators or bilingual secretaries.

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Our extensive services include not only translation, but also design/layout and printing of documents such as CSR reports, annual reports, and pamphlets. We also handle simultaneous production with multiple languages, as well as website planning/production and video production (DVDs etc.)

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Event Planning

photo:Event Planning

Our comprehensive services include planning, selection of speakers, negotiation and arranging, venue selection, secretariat operation, etc. for conferences or events that invite speakers and/or participants from abroad. We will also arrange for interpreters and translators to handle the multiple languages involved. Unicul will support the creation of the optimal environment to convey your message.

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