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In addition to translation, Unicul can accept package requests to deliver in a format that is ready to use, such as pamphlet production and website production.

At Unicul, we assign staff experienced with foreign language layouts for production. Further, a translator or checker who is familiar with the target language will check the text on the layout or website. If the production operator who does the layout is not language proficient, this can result in misspellings, omissions, and layout problems such as positioning of line breaks. Please come to our experienced company with your requests.

Production Service Details

Production of Catalogs and Promotion Tools

In addition to print media, such as company brochures, CSR reports, annual reports, catalog/pamphlets, in-house bulletins, and newsletters targeting clients, we can produce DVDs or CDs in Japanese, English and other foreign languages.

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Websites / Internet

In addition to localization of foreign language websites into Japanese or Japanese websites into foreign languages, we can also plan and produce websites and mobile phone sites that will serve as effective marketing tools.

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