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Bilingual Personnel Dispatch

With increased demand from our clients for dispatch and referral of interpreters, translators, and bilingual staff, we inaugurated dispatch services in 2004 and referral services in 2005. We can refer a capable woman manager or upbeat and quick-learning staff who could be a candidate for an executive or managerial position. We can also dispatch or refer talented personnel if you are looking to fill a position that requires strong language skills such as in-house interpreters/translators or bilingual secretaries.

Many of the registrants have come to us via the ewoman website ( Unicul works jointly with ewoman for our bilingual personnel dispatch and referral services. This means that these registrants relate to ewoman's concept of "think, choose, and act for myself," share their thoughts, and wish to make an impact on society together. Please add these socially-aware workers to your team.

Employee placement business:
Fee-charging employee placement business license number: 13-Yu-300601

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